Tally Customization

Over time, our clients required various customized modules /services for their specific businesses. We have a number of modules which you can implement at your office. Following is a cursory list.

  1. CRM Module ….More Detail
  2. School Module
  3. Co-op Housing Society Module
  4. Custom House Agents (CHA) Module
  5. Delivery System for retail sales – including Bar Code
  6. Group Summary with address (Used for VAT Assessment) – Allows printing group summary of debtors & creditors list with address.
  7. Sales Purchase Monthly Summary (Used for VAT Assessment) Sales – Purchase Monthly Summary – Allows printing sales & purchase monthly summary for sales tax purpose.
  8. Voucher Authorisation – (Maker/Checker functionality) Allows for entries to be checked and approved before posting in Tally.ERP 9
  9. Ledger Level Security – Allows creation of users and levels of security to restrict users at the ledger level.
  10. Overdue Restriction – Allows the user to restrict fresh invoicing to a customer based on his overdue bills status.
  11. Negative Stock – Restricts the user to enter sales invoices only for those items which are in Stock.
  12. Group Discount – Allows the user to specify a discount % applicable for a group of stock Items for each party.
  13. Address Labels – Allows printing of addresses from Tally Masters onto envelopes for mailing.
  14. Standard Narrations – Avoid typing of narrations more than once by creating a standard list of narrations for use during data entry.
  15. Standard Description – Create list of standard description(s) for stock Items to avoid typing more than once during data entry.
  16. Hotel Management System
    - Room Booking Facility
    • Multi Room Booking facility.
    • Category-wise room selection.
    • Deposit Receipt Printing.
    • Room No wise Guest Entry facility.
    • Modify and Delete facility based on user rights.
    - Registration Maintenance
    • Multi-Room Selection in Single Registration.
    • Import facility from old data with ID proof.
    • Shuffling of Registration No.
    • View all Registration with Navigation button in Single Screen.
    • Picture Capturing Facility in Registration (thru scanner, web Cam).
    • Modify and Delete facility based on user rights.
    • Multiple scan facility
    - Room Services Facility
    • Direct Entry facility as VPO (Visitor’s Paid Out).
    • Detailed Entry Facility as per Menu System.
    • Service Charge input by Rupees and Percentage wise.
    • VAT, Service Tax Can be added by Group-wise.
    • Discount and Round off values can be enter Rupees & Percentage wise.
    • Debit / Cash Billing facility.
    • Service Like Food & Beverages, Laundry, VPO, Telephone, Restaurant Etc.
    • Modify and Delete facility based on user rights.
    - Deposit / Advance Money Receipt Facility
    • Room wise N times Entry facility.
    • Deposit Receipt Printing facility.
    • Modify and Delete facility based on user rights
    - Room Bill Manipulation Facility
    • Support to All Types of Check In & Check Out (like 12 noon, 24 hrs etc.)
    • Day wise Room Tariff, Services Details shown.
    • Day wise Room Deposit also shown.
    • Delay time setting for check in and check out processes.
    • Instruction shown which tags in check in time.
    • Discount can be given rupees and percentage wise.
    • Bill to Company or bank account selection facility.
    • Bill Recalculate facility in creation mode.
    • Bill No. shuffling facility.
    • Automatic effect of Change Occupancy and Room Shifting Entries.
    • Automatic calculation of Luxury Tax (as per statutory & system settings)
    • Automatic calculation of Service Tax (as per statutory system settings)
    • Temporary Bill print facility.
    • Separate Service Bill Preview & Print Facility.
    • Separate Discount Voucher Preview & Print Facility.
    • Bill Preview & Reprint Facility.
    - Room, Services, Collection, Government, Account Reports
    • Daily Occupancy Report.
    • Room Booking Report & Summary Report.
    • Room wise Sales & Summary Report.
    • Room Check In Detailed Report.
    • Room Services & Service wise Detail and Summary Report.
    • Room Check Out Detailed Report.
    • Room Business Report.
    • Account Report.
    • Government Reports for Luxury Tax (i.e. Form I, II, III, IV, V)
    • Service Tax Report with bifurcation of Edu. Cess, Subheading values.
    • Display Birthday & Anniversary Reminder Report.
    - User Security Management
    • 4 Level User Security Facility (Like Menu, Forms, Option & Action)
    • N number of User Creation Facility.
    • 2 Types of Category for User (i.e. Administration and User)
    • Change Password Facility.
    • Change User without Exit from Software.
    • Clipboard Facility for Copying Rights of other user.
    - LAN Based Software
    • Software working smoothly up to 15 users.
    • Centralized data storage facility.
    - User friendly Change Working year Facility
    • Change working year on single click.
    • Useful for Restart Numbering in Registration and Bill.
    • Current working year system allows user to work within year.
    • User can able to see all Previous years data & reports.
    - Automatic backup facility
    • Any user can take data backup with exit process.
    • Day to Day data backup folder will be available.
    - Change Occupancy & Room Shifting Facility
    - Miscellaneous Expenses Maintenance
    - Occupancy & Room Status Chart in detail
    - Payment & Receipt Entry Facility
    - Management Console for Account purpose
    - User friendly Setup for Tariff Card
    - Utility for Change of Menu Item Rate
    - Customer, Supplier, Employee Data Storage Facility
    - User wise Login History
    - Restaurant Bill Modification Details
    - Dynamic System Setting for All Major Transactions
    - Various colorful scheme for working screen
    - Form C Report for Foreigner with Photo
    - KOT Management System
    - Dynamic Setting for Luxury Tax and Service Tax
    - Luxury Tax Calculations & Reports
    - Service Tax Calculations and Reports
    - EPABX Connectivity (Com & Ethernet Port)
    - Banquet Billing Facility
    - Email facility in bill sending to customer
    - SMS facility in check in & check out transaction
  17. Pathology Management System
  18. Payroll Management System
  19. Invoice Management System
  20. Address Book
  21. Transport Management System
  22. Courier Management System
  23. Cheque Printing
  24. Casting Management System
  25. Provision Management System
  26. Hospital Management System
  27. Mutual Fund Management System
  28. Form Management System
  29. Label Printing
  30. Sales Management System
  31. Radiology Management System
  32. Series Printing
  33. Restaurant Management System
    - Restaurant Management
    • Easy to operate this System
    • No limit for add Item and Group
    - Bill Printing and Sales Report Management
    • One Click to Print the Bill.
    • Bill Detail Report, Summary Report (Daily / Date wise)
    - Security
    • Dynamic User Defined Security (Add,Modify,Delete,View) Security for all Screen and Reports
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